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Here are some mp3's of my preaching and teaching.

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To download, LEFT click (not the usual 'right click') on the MP3 link.  This will lead you to the Google drive which will give you the opportunity to download (down arrow)..  If for some reason the link doesn't work whole collection is on my public google drive here.

I have marked a few of my favorite talks with a (*)

Christianity and Science:

Walking in Two Worlds:
Do Christianity and Science Conflict?
Five answers
FBC - 4/8/18
Note: This is a better version of a similar talk below.



Why Theology Matters

Romans 8:

Pixar, Paul, and Perception
Filling and Forming Your Mind
Romans 8:5-7 ("Set your mind...")
CL - 10/13/15

Creation's Frustration and
the Surprising Scope of Salvation
Romans 8:18-24 ("Creation Groans...")
CL - 11/10/15
Providence and Predestination:
What the Heck?
Romans 8:28-30
("Those he foreknew he also predestined...)
CL - 11/24/15


Chasing Your Dreams
Without Letting Them Punish You
Psalm 37
CL - 2/10/15
"Morality of Work" Thought Experiment

A Theology of Work:
Why We Work and
How to Make it Not Suck
CL - 1/27/15

How to talk to God About War
From a Place of Peace and Privilege
Praying the War Psalms
CL - 11/12/14
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How to talk to God:
Prayer for the Rest of Us-
Mapping and Appropriating our
Ancient, Authorized, Prayer Library
text: Overview of Psalms
CL - 11/5/14
MP3     Plots and Charts

Topical: Theology of Studying

Defying Gravity Part 2:
Tenacious Curiosity:
An Unlikely Mesopotamian Lit Major and
Implications for Academic Engagement
text:Daniel 1
MP3  CL - 9/14 

'Post it Note' Apologetics
Two True Stories:
Investigating the Compatibility of
the Biblical and Scientific 
Origin Narratives
CL  - 4/15/14
MP3  Handout - New

Walking in Two Worlds:
Being a Person of
Faith and Science
CL  - 4/8/14

Why People Believe Stuff:
Investigating the Ingredients of Beliefs
CL  - 4/1/14
MP3 Handout - New

The Victory of the Suffering God:
Problem of Evil 2:
The 'Felt' Problem of Evil

1 Peter:

How to Get Everything You Want:
A Theology of Contentment
CL  - 1/28/14
1 Tim 6:1-6

Freedom and the Will of God
CL - 3/11/14
1 Pt 2:15-16
Mp3 Manuscript

The Life of the  Mind
Catalyst  Mp3

Peculiar Presents:
Three Ways God Subverts
Gift Giving Protocol
1 Peter 4:7-11
CL 2/18/14
MP3 Manuscript

*Transcending Twitter Theology:
Mapping Peter's Images of Atonement
CL - 10/22/2013
MP3 Manuscript

Old School:
Ancient Wisdom for the Modern University
3 Thoughts from 1 Peter on
"The College Experience"
CL - 10/1/2013
MP3 Manuscript

Note: Yes the rumors are true.  I did a talk on 1 Peter 3:1-7 ("The Other S-Word").  But I'm not going to post it.  That is a discussion that belongs in the context of relationship, not the kind of disembodied voices native to this ecosystem.  If you are interested in my tenuous take on this passage, lets get together.


 Revelation Overview
Genre and Context
CL - 6/25/2013 FBCLB- 6/30/2013
Mp3 Manuscript
Revelation 1:
The Pathways and Products of Worship
CL - 7/2/2013 FBCLB- 7/7/2013
Mp3 - coming

Revelation 5: The Lamb
A Cosmic Sorting Puzzel:
The Surprising Identity of the
Adorable Wounded Septaclopse
CL - 7/23/2013 FBCLB- 7/28/2013
Mp3 Manuscript


*Four Kegs of Wine, An Impromptu Seafood Picnic,
and Seven Spoiler Alerts: John’s Theology of Miracles
(MP3) (Manuscript) CL  11/20/12

When Jesus Mixes the Drinks? 
           John 2:1-17
(MP3) (Manuscript) CL 10/30/12

What is College For?  (John 1:1-18)
Finding Grace and Truth Between Russell and I80
(MP3) (Manuscript) CL 10/2/12

*Freedom, Autonomy, and a Giant Ape:
John 8 (MP3) (Manuscript) CL 3/5/13


*Packing the Parthenon with Powder (Gen 2)
MP3 (Manuscript) CL 10/4/11

**Zombies, a Serpent, and the Victory of the Honey Badger: Genesis 3 MP3 (Manuscript) CL 10/18/2011

How to make a name that will last:
The Tower of Babel and the Call of Abraham
(Gen 11 and 22) MP3 (Manuscript) CL 11/09/2011

*Genesis Fight Club: (Genesis 32)
Jacob Wrestles with God (Part 1) 
"How to lose a fight...and win."
MP3 (Manuscript) CL 2/28/12

Genesis Fight Club: (Genesis 32)
Jacob Wrestles with God (Part 2) 
Three Versions of You
MP3 (Manuscript) CL 3/13/12 

**Brother from Another Mother:
Judah, Joseph, and the Story of Self Donation
MP3 (Manuscript)  CL 5/8/12 

Trilobites and Taninim:
Reconciling the Biblical and Scientific Origin Narratives
MP3 (slides, handout) 10/5/11


Failure Mode Analysis (MP3) (Manuscript)  CL - 1/24/12

Three Things That are More Important Than Hotness (MP3) (Manuscript) CL - 1/26/10

5 Myths About Marriage (MP3) (Manuscript) CL-Men's Retreat


*The Wall Crossers of Antioch: Acts 11&13 MP3 (Manuscript) CL 2/9/10

*Doing College Without Regrets: Paul's Reunion with the Ephesian Elders MP3 (Manuscript) CL 4/7/10

You are Not Yourself by Yourself:
Thoughts on Community from Acts 2&4
MP3 (Manuscript)

*Philip's Second Adventure MP3 (Manuscript) HPC - 8/2010

Paul Visits Davis: The Startling Familiarity of Acts 17
 MP3 (Manuscript) CL 3/2/10

'A Dangerous Sense of Holiness’:
The Story of Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5)
 MP3 (Manuscript) CL 10/27/09

'Another Thing Entirely:
 Cornelius and Peter'
(Mp3) (Manuscript) CL 12/09

2 Corinthians:

The Riddle of Seeing: 2 Cor 4
MP3 (Manuscript) CL 11/9/10

Do People Ever Really Change: 2 Cor 5:11-17
MP3 (Manuscript) CL 11/23/10

The Message and the Mission MP3 (Manuscript) CL 2/8/11

Spilling Over:
The Fluid Mechanics of Grace
MP3 (Manuscript) CL 4/26/11


The Great Inversion: The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector MP3 (Manuscript) CL 1/20/09

Seven Mile: Jesus on the Road to Emmaus
MP3 (Manuscript) CL 4/14/09

Bigger Barns (the Parable of the Rich Fool)
MP3 (Manuscript) AIA - 5/27/09

Broken For You: The Last Supper MP3 (Manuscript) CL - 2/24/09

Other Teaching and Theology:

*Live Free or Die:
A Christian Theology of Freedom
MP3 (Manuscript) CL 9/28/10

Why the Body Matters MP3 (Manuscript) CL 4/28/09

*Creativity as the Image of God (a marred image) MP3 (Manuscript) CL 5/20/09

*Uninspiring Christianity MP3 (Manuscript) CL 4/28/10

Navigating the New Normal:
Thoughts on Life After College
MP3 (Manuscript) CL 5/29/12
Deleted Scenes

What is College For? (Part 2)
Navigating Relationships with Grace and Truth
(MP3) (Manuscript) CL 10/16/12

*"Death Match":
Grace, Vigorous and Violent (Col 3:5-10)
Becoming God's Best Version of You (Part 5)
(MP3) (Manuscript) CL 2/5/13

Avoiding the DNF: (Col 2:15-3:4)
Becoming God's Best Version of You (Part 5)
(MP3) (Manuscript) CL1/22/13


Life and Thought of Blaise Pascal
MP3 (Manuscript) CL 1/11/11

'like a madman':
The Life of Francis Xavier
MP3 (Manuscript) CL 1/25/11

Life and Thought of St Augustine MP3 LHUMC - December, 2008

Preaching Class:
I taught a preaching class in 2010-11 with my co-teacher. The MP3's from this can be found at the class site here.

Apologetics Class:
I am teaching an apologetics class this year with Dan Seitz. The MP3's from this can be found at the class site here.

CL - College Life: the on-camups (UC Davis) college ministry of First Baptist Church - Davis
FBCLB - Adult Sunday Schoool of First Baptist Church - Davis
FBC-D: First Baptist Church Davis - Main Service
AIA - UC Davis Chapter of Athletes in Action
LHUMC - Lynn Haven United Methodist Church
HPC - High Point Church in Madison Wisconsin